Cuisine, Food, Meals

In order to return home from your vacation feeling fit and recovered you need not only rest and relaxation, but also exercise, fresh air, and, very importantly, good food! Offering our guests good tasting, good quality food is high priority for us, and over the years we have gathered a lot of experience. The cuisine in Mar Tranquilidade doesn’t really fit in any one category --- international, innovative, regional, seasonal, fanciful, plentiful, diverse and delicious --- all apply. We cook daily for several hours preparing a fresh, homemade meal of several courses. As far as what the sea has to offer, we have a fantastic situation: we have our own fishing boats, and the local fishermen land their catch right in front of our door. Fresh fish simply tastes better. The local farmers bring their products directly to our kitchen: manioc, yams, breadfruit, sweet potatoes, squash, tomatoes, onions, etc. A selection of special herbs and vegetables is often sent to us by Alfred and Christine Mandl from the valley of Paul, where they have large gardens, organically grown of course.

In Tarrafal there is also local pork, chicken and goat (meat and cheese). Other products are brought by aluguer from other parts of the islands and other parts of the world.

If you prefer vegetarian food you may find plenty at our buffet, but telling us in advance will insure that we take extra care to meet your needs. If you discuss it with us we also try within the possibilities to cater to food allergies.